Choice Golf Handicap System

Choice Golf Handicap System is a software golf handicap tracker for leagues. It offers a custom handicap calculator system or a USGA-comparable system. Tweak handicapping methods, manage leagues, compare members, maintain event log, calculate handicapping. Free Download! Choice Golf Handicapping

  • Create a custom handicap system tailored to your local league.
  • Create a more forgiving, casual handicap system or tweak the more strict USGA-comparable system.
  • Allows you to choose stroke and handicap limits.
  • Easily define teams and track point totals and event notes using the integrated database.
  • Options allow for Handicapping to Par (members relate to par better than obscure ratings, slopes etc...)
  • Choose the number of rounds to consider rather than following an unfamiliar schedule.
  • Options for our Casual Handicap system cater to leagues that play a limited number of games.
  • Internal handicap calculator supports 9 hole rounds.
  • Software automatically maintains individual performance charts and handicap-trend graphs.

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Choice Golf Handicap System
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