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Welcome to Golfing Source, the original home of Golf League Recorder. We have been providing golf handicap tracking solutions since 1997 and continue to offer improved, easy-to-use league management systems.

Our systems are by far the most economical way to manage handicaps for your group. The one-time cost can be lower than a single players yearly subscripton on many of the online services.

Free Downloads

We encourage visitors to download the free evaluation versions of our software. If you like one of the programs, you can purchase a registration key later.

GLR Performance GLR Performance Edition—Offers detailed individual stroke tracking and reports in addition to all of the options available in standard Golf League Recorder (below).
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Golf League Recorder Golf League Recorder—Offers a solid USGA-comparable standard handicap system, full league support, and a simple no-nonsense interface.
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Choice Golf Handicapping Choice Golf Handicap System—Provides a customizable handicap system with full league support. Tweak the USGA-comparable handicap calculator to create a handicapping method tailored for your casual league. Learn More

With Software From Golfing Source, You Can...

  • Calculate USGA-comparable handicaps.
  • Track performance of individuals or groups.
  • Save scores for each game and keep track of league standings.
  • Accommodate the casual nature of your local club (supports 9-hole rounds and allows for those few infrequent players).
  • View performance graphs that reveal personal trends.
  • Rest easy knowing that automatic data-file backup protects your league's information.

All Titles Windows 11, 10, and 8 Compatible...

Downloads are just the program you are looking for--zero add-ons, toolbars, no unwanted extras.

GLR Performance Edition NEW!
GLR Performance Edition

Choice Golf Handicap System
Choice Golf Handicapping

Golf League Recorder
Golf League Recorder