GLR Performance Edition

GLR Performance Edition for Windows (Golf League Recorder v20+ & v3.1) are easy to use handicapping/tracking utilities for personal and group use. These premium editions support personal performance tracking for the number of putts taken, fairways and greens in regulation. Free Downloads! WHS & USGA comparable GLR Performance Edition

  • This flexible system allows basic or detailed entry for the rounds you choose.
  • Overall summary and detailed course by course reports show your progress.
  • Now with Team point record keeping, expanded reporting and handicap card printing.
  • Options allow for quick handicap development (for leagues that play a limited number of rounds each season).
  • Handles several groups from 1 to 100 with ease.
  • Reports can be displayed in several manners, allowing quick reference for each person's latest results.
  • Line graphs show handicap trends and progress while pie charts display individual scoring performance.
  • Monitors score entry and automatically include Stroke Control adjustments and handicap high limits.
  • Can optionally display the math routines it uses while each person's latest rounds are recorded.
  • Group results can be exported for use in newsletters or web posting.

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For Microsoft Windows® (Windows 11, 10, and 8).

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GLR Performance Edition

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